Pour moi, Paris, c'est les beaux jours
Les airs légers, graves ou tendres
Pour moi, Paris, c'est mes amours
Et mon cœur ne peut se reprendre

Songs & Places

Songs & Places is a website of songs with place names and nothing but place names as titles. All songs are playable on Spotify or YouTube, though not all have links to the sites yet.

Then and now

The precursor to this site was a comment thread on Facebook started for fun among family in December 2012, where we set one hundred titles as a goal. We reached that easily, of course, and soon after that I began this website. A more ambitious goal of 500 titles was reached on 12 August, 2016.

Latest new titles

Gerrard Street | 8.5.19

Vantaanjoki | 7.5.19

Danakil | 29.4.19

Cameroon | 1.4.19

Helsinki-Vantaa | 26.3.19

and other additions

Keminmaa by Katja Lukin | 19.5.19

America by America | 7.5.19

Copacabana by Sarah Vaughan | 7.5.19

MacArthur Park by Harry Pane | 7.5.19

Copacabana by Eero Väre | 6.5.19

Thanks to

The following people have contributed songs to the site. Thanks go to all of them: Essi P, Janne V, Jouni T, Karipekka B, Kimmo S, Lasse, Matti H, Merja, Mirja, Pieta, Seppo O, Tero, Timo.